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From the Bench

Is everyone excited for Halloween? I know we are!! We had a great time at our Halloween party and our super hero challenge court was a blast. We have our normal Friday challenge court running and it's filling up quick.  Being on Halloween, why not dress up again for this one.  Maybe we will give a prize for best costume.  This is our last week before our DEF playoffs.  If you have not signed your team up yet, your risking losing your spot!!!  Many of our courts have filled, so don't wait any longer.  Fax in a sheet or stop in sometime this week so we can get you registered!!!  BCF sheets will be going out this week so if you want to keep your team number or spot, make sure you sign up soon!!!  This Saturday, we are running a coed 2's tournament.  It's a 3:30 check in and a 4pm start.  There are only a couple spots in each division so if you have a partner don't wait to sign up!!!







Hello and Welcome back to those of you who will be starting your new league. If you are new to our system, here are a few things to help you out. Your captain should receive your first game time at the time of registration.  If for any reason this doesn’t happen please feel free to call. We will always be able to give you your first game time and date. If for any reason your game time should be switched then your captain will get a notifying phone call. Your full league schedule may get posted the day of or after the start of the league.  The reason that we might wait to put up a final schedule is to make sure we only post a final schedule once.  To try and change an already existing league schedule tends to be tough on all team.  On certain courts and times of the year, teams will wait until the last minute to sign up.  So  when we have less then a full league we try and wait till the last possible minute to create a schedule incase late teams would like to get in and fill open spots.



Here are the Rule Adjustments that we feel are necessary to help develop skill and encourage play. Let the players play and more rally is a good thing.

Captains meeting for the match should take place before the warm-up begins .go over rules and policy w/ captains and teams so they know what to except from you as a ref

1- players can use open hands on serve reception - double hits w/ hands is OK- again on serve Reception( and 1st contact during a rally) Serve Reception only call OVER control of a ball- if player lifts/ carry/ throw the ball w/ hand contact from the Waist  area or lower.

2-A player can also double a first contact.  Hard driven vs. not hard driven is no longer a factor in determining if a player doubles a ball.

3- what is a NET- only call a player in the net if contacting(playing) the ball-  once a player lands and contacts the net it's not a net.

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